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for Water

1/6/2005 c1 28Orphans' Wail
not bad, could use a little more thought. Your style is really fluid, but not suited for haikus.
10/2/2003 c1 3GameFreak7744
woo-hoo erosion kinda spoils it, but its good anyway, i like it.

can you please delete that anon who said yawn, but really long? its so annoying.

Also could you please R&R my stories?
1/26/2003 c1 3seashell
Water is much better than that! Water is beautyful! water is life! Water is everywhere! respect the water.
11/1/2002 c1 1soyamiso
the first two lines are always so great...then you kill me...with laughter.
6/9/2002 c1 2Mind of a Child
3/27/2002 c1 68LunarBard
Now that was good. It made me chuckle- lot better than some of the more serious haikus i've seen
3/11/2002 c1 i hate my boyfriend
hahahahaha...that was funny...i think u people might have some psychological issues tho.
3/8/2002 c1 18americananime
YOU PEOPLE ARE DRIVING ME OUT OF MY SKULL! My poor best friend is here (actually, it's her house...) watching me flame as fast as I can, and hiding her face in her hands... when they're not clapping. The last lines always ruin yours! Gah! i'm going to watch Tombstone again.
3/8/2002 c1 83Zemmiphobic
lol that is hilarious! lol i love it
3/1/2002 c1 SERVES YOU RIGHT
2/26/2002 c1 20Moonie Pie

go, police, go!
2/22/2002 c1 4Angelicpixie
yes water could be dangerouse, but also it calms our soul...
2/15/2002 c1 48Daughter of the Nile

~Daughter of the Nile~
2/14/2002 c1 EmptyStages
2/12/2002 c1 22Meegwun
*falls over* whooooo... was that supposed to be funny? because it was. Extremely. :)

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