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12/16/2003 c1 one crimson tie
Love your poetry. You know exactly where to place everything, every punctuation mark and where to omit them, which word to choose... It's wonderful. I adore it. Especially the last bit (I always seem to have favorite parts, don't I? LOL), about the paragraph breaks.
And this is a bit of a random note, but have you read Neruda's "The Word" before? Not an enourmous fan of old Pabby, but "The Word" is gorgeous. :) I'm quite strange...
Anyway, have a briliant holiday!
_ one
5/2/2002 c1 5baditterbunnyqueen
Un-freakin'-believable! How do you do this? This is everything I've ever thought about my ow characters, but put a heck of a lot more eloquently! Fantastic.
3/8/2002 c1 3Rogon And I
Hey wow! This was really good!
2/18/2002 c1 sheer lunacy
i have alrady stated my opinion on this poem, but i'll give it to you again: beautiful. the rest is in the e-mail i sent you about 3 weeks ago. farewell...

blue skies
2/11/2002 c1 142Battykat
interesting, the idea they may have free will. great analogy in there as well.

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