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for Into the darkness

5/6/2009 c1 Indicates
Longer chapters, please...
4/10/2005 c2 16Ama-sk8
Okay good things first...great story line I too plan to start a new story with a sorceress, and its cute in a way/

now here are the thingd you need to work on...Longer chapters is where you should start, short chapters are good and are even worse when they have no point to them...like the second chapter and fist one..ye she found out she had powers so whats the point in there, dont cut it off like that unless it was much longer. More detail would be nice too I dont even know what stephanie looks like and she's the main character..that should be in the very first paragraph or at least after the introduction or even just some where in the first chapter. Your story is a little jumpy too. You move too fast with the story there should have been more leading up to her finding out she has powers or at least make her already know about them and then lead on from there.

7/2/2003 c2 1MagicgalKairi
like i said, longer chappies & more details! and it's kinda hard 2 fall asleep during buffy, i should know, i watch it in the mornings after staying up really late!
7/2/2003 c1 MagicgalKairi
nice story but the chappies need to be a little bit longer...
8/5/2002 c1 2Artemis L. Oakenfold
some story...
4/28/2002 c1 D-2Artemis
Yo,yo. Great story, but u gots to make chapters a bit longer! peace!

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