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2/1/2005 c1 1The-Cro
I like the palindrome part! i had to snort about it! Please continue this, I like where its going! Please R&R mine, please!
3/15/2002 c2 Spear III
This Bob dude had a real quainted undead thing go'in with the dead skunk but had areal sense of humor, and imagination. "A cow", and "spectro Bovine" now that's original. good story YO Word up
3/1/2002 c1 11ArwenAria18
Well, hello once again, my dear cousin. I just got back from reading your bio, and I never knew you were called that many things! Quite... frightening, I think. However, I am not here to talk about your bio. I am here, of course, to talk about the story.

I DID spot a few typos here and there; however, as I am now editing three other stories for some kids at my school, typos really don't bother me in the least, unless there's more than ten in a three-word-long sentence. Which is what happens to some of these stories I have to - No! I will stay on topic.

The storyline was quite intriguing and your security guard was most interesting. The dead skunk which slowly mummified... I'd like to see what that looked like. Did cloth materialize and wrap itself around its body with slithering, menacing agility? I think that, out of all the material in here, it was the cow which struck the most fear into my heart of hearts.

Until Easter (Or Before; Whichever Comes First),

I remain,

Your Cousin,

[My Name Here]

P.S. Missing a 'W' is finally updated. I'm sorry it took so long. Heh. Heh. Heh.
2/17/2002 c1 Cortex433
The story is great! I enjoy the veiled references to your other works.
2/15/2002 c2 Roystoes
Very funny! Glad I read it:) but what is the ending? please write more soon so I don't have to wait to long in suspense! Joe is definatly my favorite character:)

Thank you for writing it,

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