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3/6/2002 c3 8Snowshoe Hare
No, the brevity of this segment is painful. One question - why must she pack? -SH
3/6/2002 c1 Lucas
awesome story. it seemed alittle rushed kinda like "this is what i am saying i am saying this now" but that is not really important it a trully interesting story that i want to read the rest of annoying thing is you put the first sentence of the next section so i read the sentence and it left me hanging like crazy. i like the different creatures you used bring back good memories. but i would hope the next section gets more into detail.
2/18/2002 c2 Snowshoe Hare
as I mentioned, some grammatical errors which can be remedied need attention, and I like detail - explain what colors the characters are, their quirks, their spped, speech patterns, et cetera. Detail is good, detail is reality (reality is detail?). Otherwise, I thank you for the quick posting and request similar action in the near future. -SH
2/16/2002 c1 23Miss Buggie
Eyecatching first chapter. Kudos!
2/16/2002 c1 8Snowshoe Hare
I think there are too many names, occupations, and speices being thrown about in this, the introduction. I think it would be better to more slowly and lucidly explain who everyone is... or at least intro duce tem one by one. It just seemed a little much (almost a whole story in and of itself) for an introduction. Also, my desire for fantsy to be as logical as possible (oxymoron though it may be) wants to know how trees can talk and insturct and so on... I would suggest talking your time and giving a little less frenzied introduction. Otherwise, a very enticing start. -SH

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