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for Adoption

12/13/2002 c1 1WildWolvie
V. sweet
2/27/2002 c1 Amariia
*grins happilly* I read this in the magezine monthsa ago, but sat down and read it again.

Hi Banah! n_n I love this. It's so sweet. So moving..mwee..n_n
2/27/2002 c1 Rocket Flame
That's so sweet! I'd like to adopt a kid someday. Oh, I think I'm gonna cry now! That's beautiful!
2/23/2002 c1 14Antithesis
Adoption. Someone out there loves that child, no matter who he or she is or will be. This short essay really shows the value of adoption, and it is worth the five minutes it takes to read it.

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