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for The Butterfly

3/22/2002 c1 Kallitera
oh gosh, that is such a pretty, bitter sweet story, beautiful, absolutely marvelous.
3/16/2002 c1 22audig
I really like it! the descriprions are very colorful, and the story is beautifully crafted. This is wonderful, and i do hope you continue to work with this style of writing. ^_^
3/14/2002 c1 natasha
dude that soooo good, hav u ever seen the movie the point? the beginning sounds like that but the end is totally original! its awesome!
3/5/2002 c1 empty account
That's the best short story I've ever read, I'm not kidding. Is the room on my favorites? good there is (if there wasn't I'd make room) Great job this is a fantasitic peice.

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