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7/19/2002 c1 11Chocolate Hotpants
That's really good. I like that! You are good at writing poetry from looking at these two poems!
8/22/2000 c1 8Candie K
That was too sweet! Great job!
8/21/2000 c1 7Manda
That was really good! Keep up the great work!
8/21/2000 c1 Angel 9
awww... that wuz a sooper sweet poem :0)
8/20/2000 c1 4SilentWitness
Pretty. It reminds me of something you would read on a plaque that you'd by at a Hallmark store to give to a husband, wife, or family member as a gift. Well that's probably because I'm a little psychotic and insane and tired though... weird thoughts enter into my head at midnight. *g* Well see you around. The poem was good.

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