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7/25/2002 c1 Red Rose Petals
This is a very good one. Do u remember me? Oh, right, my pen name is changed. It's me, Dagger, or my old pen name, Rose Cherryblossom, I cjanged my name. I was talkingto you a day or two ago! Remember? I added you to my
2/22/2002 c1 37BeautifulWickedness
That was good! The structure was good to! The HKP are wrong. Per-sists-in-lone-ly-dark-ness.
2/22/2002 c1 4Angelicpixie
wow some good stuff creepy but you have to ask our selfs are we really alone in the dark? we may never really know for sure unless we explore...
2/21/2002 c1 48Daughter of the Nile
2/21/2002 c1 17The Haiku Police
The second line has eight.
2/20/2002 c1 zany
I hate Haikus! {No offense} I mean, I hate writing Haikus! It's so hard sometimes to come up with two five-syllable lines and a seven-syllable line. Oh well... where did I put my ball?

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