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7/11/2013 c1 Dreamer
Please continue this! :) I'd like to see what big dramatic twist you'll give it. Somehow I doubt Fay will just sit back and v.v allow herself to be married to...THAT.
10/6/2002 c1 Lornyl Mahtsae
o dear! I feel so sorry for porr Fay. I need you to put up more chapters of the other one though I'm going crazy!

I hope Fay doesn't end up marrying Seamus, but I like that name, o well, too bad...

Lilith:Seee, see, seh-aaayyyyymmmmmmmmm,, seeeayammmalussssicter...

Lornyl:Uh, no Lili, it's Seamus, like SHAY-mus...

Lilith:oh... well, you're smart, I'm dumb...

Lornyl:... We'll get back to you on that one... Keep it up! :)

Lilith:It's a bit short... hmmmm, LONGER! It's funner that way!
2/28/2002 c1 47Mac Attack
Wow this was a great read! I loved the ending! And great word choice! i liked this part "Its ironic that stupid, huge, clumsy, arrogant dirty Seamus was unfortunately my fiancé." The story was great! Maybe u'd like to come read some of my work. I write a lot of short stories. For some reason i think youd like the two i wrote called landslide and Truth or Dare, and maybe some other few... but hey, enough about me! your story was great! Write some more! ~Mac Attack~
2/25/2002 c1 Wicked One
Hi, I'm back again! Great story Holleay... except one thing... Fuckingly doesnt exist... and it makes the story seem weird... yeah but anyway good good write more:)
2/21/2002 c1 elizabeth
hi too busy studing to write a long review... la midterm 2morrow... darn strike... bye

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