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for Elemental Dragons

2/7/2004 c1 harrypotterwannabe74
I liked it but where are the others? Oh and my name is my neopets name so please neomail me to tell me when.
7/15/2003 c1 2FalconoftheWind
Keep it coming! Cant wait for the Dragons to come into it!
9/10/2002 c1 7Malting
This is quite good... Human!Via sounds extremely cool. I've read this series over at Neopets and really like it... one thing, though - is this EVER going to get updated? ^^
9/3/2002 c1 2Deathlin
Vr000t! Anthro-Via! ..Too cool.
2/24/2002 c1 3aznistic
pretty good! but WOW Crescent seems kinda like...scarily mean! reminds me of...*gasp* myself (to my sister anyway) ^^; I promise I'll be nicer from now on! ...

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