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6/19/2003 c2 34eupseudes


6/4/2003 c2 Fishy Da Fishstick Queen
::applaudes:: ::5 minutes later:: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! ::falls off chair:: LOVIN' IT! Keep goin' before I spontaneusly combust!

Peace & potatoes,

*~* Fishy, Da Fishstick Queen *~*
5/25/2003 c2 11luvsux4u
randomness rules..

your stry rules...

jsut make sure that person doesn't win the card game b4 the sailbut endups in someone ass ...hint hint..

random too,

5/15/2003 c2 19Random Raspberries
Hm. Yeah. I think my favorite lines were "You're not funny." "You're an asshole." Mostly because I can hear myself saying either line. Heh. Other than that, I think your story is just completely random and nonsensical. Not that my favorite lines - weren't - random and nonsensical, but I didn't really enjoy anything else's random nonsensicality. Christ, I'm repetitive. x_x And the use of Spike Spiegel's name annoys me. Let him be dead and happy, please. Poor tosser. Hm. Matthew Perry, if you're referring to the one who sailed into Japan in 1853, is quite an interesting interjection. But I also think there's a Matthew Perry who stars in "Friends" or something, so... o.o Bloody hell. Who's the random one - now - ?

4/23/2002 c1 HannibalHunter
I feel dizzy, had to stop reading
3/1/2002 c2 Uncontrolled Molotov Cocktail

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