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for Flame of Death

8/26/2004 c1 will
*yawns* are you ready to start doing something different yet? or contraversial? if you know what different means.
1/2/2003 c1 The Author
This is a reply to "K". I believe in God and the love he gives us. But I wrote this when I didn't. But I think that there is a couple typos here any way. Here, this is for the people that read the reviews:

"Turning away from the light

Walking towards the darkness"

I think that makes more sence. But, K, if I wasn't a Christan again, I would be angry that someone would write a review like that. So you should be sure of their religion before you tell them things like that. But I'm not angry! ok, all done!
12/23/2002 c1 K
Hope you didn't take that path.

Hope it's only a simple poem and not what your life is coming to. Why do you turn away from the light? The light is sooooooooo much better! I know, believe me! I have a love that is so eternal and strong that no darkness or heat can break it. THE LOVE OF GOD.



Not meaning to freak you out. I used to be sooo into vampires too. I was amazed at how their life style was but then my focus turned to something or should I say someone better.
12/12/2002 c1 27Life's scar

...ohhh I like
4/28/2002 c1 Silent Dreamer
oops sorry. i meant that the path sucked! just thought i'd clear that up b/c i read it after i sent it and it made it sound like i said your poem sucked! sorry bout that!
4/28/2002 c1 119Silent Dreamer
i've taken a path like that before! it sucked!
2/28/2002 c1 128tissue
I do wonder how the 'doodle' looks? Must be interesting...great wording in here, descriptive. Short and dark...Liked it.

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