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for Ninety Three

9/4/2002 c1 74Yelen
Shivers shivers...I don't know what to say, I've never been good at reviews, but I was cold all over after reading it. Awesome poem.
5/28/2002 c1 13Dendera
OMG. I'm quite dumbstruck after reading this. It just sounds so real- the language, the logic, the emotion- you've captured it all so beautifully. Heartbreaking, and a sincere tribute to those who lost their lives on that ill-fated flight.
5/27/2002 c1 2K. Kofsuske
Shivers go up the spine, shivers go down the spine. It's a looser style than I might have chosen, but I think it conveys everything quite well. Excellent job, Doctor.

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