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for The Big House

8/28/2001 c1 Emmy
Are we talking about Chatham not accepting it? Honey, the only reason they didn't take it is so that the other kids wouldn't look bad. Pish-tosh. 'Twas a lovely story, and nicely written.
2/25/2001 c1 7Churinga
*hmmm* Well, it was very good. *grins* But.. I don't know, there's something a little weird. I think what is needs is an expansion. This actually has enough potential material to become a short novel.. Anyhow. I think you need more background on this world, a little history of the royal family, perhaps. And more information about Gren. Perhaps you could do it in staggered flashback, kind of, with clips from the point of view of Gren, the mage, the royal family, etc? And maybe an extended memory of Lena's when she was younger at the big house. The title? *giggles* It does grab attention and it fits the story - but if you expanded the story, I think it might be better to use it as a chapter title and then use another title for the entire story. Y'know? I really liked this, Ling, and I really see the potential there to be a long, wonderful and invovled story. It would be a *Really good* original story. Will ya try it? For me? *wheedles* Pleeeease? ;) Great job, really. I like your idea about the spell and the bottle and stuff... it's cool when spells have lives/wills of their own, know what I mean? Wonderful work, darling.
1/13/2001 c1 1Tualha
Spiffalicious. *I* like it, I don't know why you're camp didn't...Ever think of making this a series?
12/10/2000 c1 8Amethyst LaReine
good... make a longer thing out of it though!
10/1/2000 c1 Aurora Potter
OOOOO! I like! A lot! This was a very good story! Please write more about these characters...Like the original story, how this happened, how Gren angered him, and so forth...
8/28/2000 c1 1Tigre
Good...is that the ending...or is it not done yet? It's good! Better than mine...the "Ice Princess" one..
8/26/2000 c1 esmeesme
More! More! More! I LOVE this! More! More! More!
8/23/2000 c1 Naqara
Interesting story. Please write the next part.

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