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8/18/2004 c1 1Bonnie Parker
hey, i just have one question bonnie was killed in the 30's... how would she even know who he was? besides although she loved clyde there were times she regreted joining him.
1/9/2003 c1 BonnieBaybee34
You really need to update this. You have a wonderfl start, and I'm suffering from withdrawl here. Did you just loose intrest or what?
9/7/2002 c1 6BonnieBaybee34
When are you ever going to upddate? I've updated mine and there's mor to come, but PLEASE PLEASE seirously consider writing more. Do I need to beg you? I will!
7/18/2002 c2 BonnieBaybee34
1 question...You keep talking about Clyde's looks. Is that just from Bonnie's pov or do you agree? Weird question I know.
4/24/2002 c1 prima-donna15
lol, I love bonnie and clyde too! its nice to know that there's other people out there who like them too. Ill prolly post a b/c story this summer, when I have more time to write! see ya! great story! loved it, perfect idea, please continue
3/8/2002 c2 BonnieBaybee34
I submitted the B&C story written by W.D. Jones. I took your advice and read your story. VERY good and the ending to the intro made me shiver. Good foreshadowing. I also wrote a story from Bonnie's point of view called Running:My Story. It's like her diary. The 1st 10 chapters are posted. I need ideas to finish. Would you mind if I asked you to PLEASE help. We could even co-write it if ya' want.
3/2/2002 c2 25faery tragedy
Wow, I loved it! Great job on the last chapter- that was wonderful. Are you ever going to post more or was that the end? Nice job. ^_^

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