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10/2/2020 c1 Guest
Beautiful I love this, it's brilliant
7/21/2017 c1 pastel apples
The rhythm of this poem was awesome, and I especially loved the 'love your neighbour hate yourself put your needs upon a shelf' bit, and the bookends :D The only thing that itches at me is the bit with 'if your ugly fix your flaws'. It should be 'if you're ugly fix your flaws', though idk if that was deliberate?

Anyways, really adored this poem, you have a real talent for this!
9/2/2014 c1 8Ptolemaeus
Wow. This is beautiful. In a sort of tragic, ripping way. Makes me sad to think much of this is true and quite the reflection of society and its cruelty. But still, how you make that look beautiful.
12/4/2013 c1 Fell4
I love how it starts out dark, then becomes humorous for a few lines, then becomes dark again. The tone of the poem is very well done too. The way you alternate between having three and four syllables is great because otherwise I think the rhyming would make it too sing-songy? The fact that you only rhyme half the time also contributes to that though (the fact that it's not too sing-songy). I find the fact that you don't have any punctuation interesting. I would love to hear your reasoning for it. I like the fact that I get to choose where to pause and "end" the sentences. I am just really impressed! If you want to contact me, I would love to hear your thoughts behind this poem!
12/1/2012 c1 frouwe
I feel stupid for reviewing something over ten years old, when I don't always review new things that I've read...

I just love how you put together all this contradictory advice. I've come to the conclusion that ou should just do as you think. I specially love this one:

"Love your neighbor
Hate yourself"
8/29/2012 c1 SecludedSoul
wow, i am just in love with this poem, in my opinion is is really original and refreshing. Even though everything seems simple, its one of those poems that makes me think, wonder etc..
6/23/2008 c1 59Scared Loveless
I like that. So honest and creative. It accuratly describes life using supposed 'life lessons' from others.
12/28/2007 c1 3Blood Sinister

Lurved it to pieces. :D
8/2/2007 c1 4Lady Katreina
Obviously you already know this poem rocks out loud. All -I- can say is thank you for it! It is freaking awesome.
6/25/2006 c1 5voices untold
wow... I'm lost for words. well not completely, I loved it!
6/2/2006 c1 31M.Charles.Dixon
Seriously you're now my favorite author of poetry. This is now my new favorite poem ^ ^
12/9/2004 c1 deletedeleteeeeee
Simply beautiful and very inspirational. This is one of my fav. poems around.
6/26/2004 c1 37Phoebs
Wow. That's all...wow.
6/8/2004 c1 31Mya von Dor
This is a very nicely, well done Found Poem. (Yes, this is an actual style, it's basically a bunch of stuff cut and pasted together: I did one for class with over 20 song titles) Says a lot about the neverending pull of all the different expectations people face in their lives from all different directions. All your poems are well done, really, you really know how to write/use imagery well.
It's nice to see someone out here who realizes that poetry is more than just rhyming words :)
3/21/2004 c1 H. M. Banson
Very cool poem. I have to admit, when I was reading the summary, I was thinking "this is either going to be brilliant, or a piece of complete drivel." I'm pleased to report that it was the former. Again, great job with this.
~Hollie Marie
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