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for To His Parents

3/29/2003 c1 20Turtle Sensei
damn nice very nice...if you can fit on my fave list i'll try to put u on my fave k? and YYAAY! FINALLY someone my age who has an imaginary Friend! yay! lol mine is Styorm...lol yeah i know there's a "Y" in there it's PURPOSEFUL lol werl gotta go now...plz go read me poem called "TAke the Dagger, "father"" written to my father and dedicated to my mother, he was abusive to her both mentally and phisically soo yeah plz go read it if you can? if not then thazz ok! bai!



3/21/2002 c1 24AimzNemesis Sadistic Scorpion
All I can say is: Woah. This is excellently written and powerful. Great job!

P.S. Gay people rule!
3/4/2002 c1 12Random
Hmmm I detect a hint of bitterness here...

I like! Especially the chorus. Nothing like bitter humour.

But watch out for typos. You have a couple of spelling mistakes... not that it really matters to me, but if anyone gets offended by this, they'll only flame you worse if your spelling ain't perfect.

Anyway, great song. Keep posting!

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