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for Antonia's Diary

10/30/2003 c6 1Nick Botm
Well done. I hope too much of it isn't from your life experience, but you are writing as if you understood these feelings very well.
9/26/2002 c6 Redlady
That was great! And sad. But then everybody doesn't have a great life. Maybe life will be better when she starts a family of her own...

: )
9/6/2002 c5 7AE Bushey
Hi! Thanks for reviewing my poem. I just read 4 & 5. Yes, I do feel that way about him, to answer your question. I just figured out that he's really gay and he doesn't like me. He was kind of using me to cover up his sexuality. Hehe. Keep Writing, you're doing a good job.

9/2/2002 c5 13RedLady
Cool. Is this modeled after your life? If it is, I admire you...because my family is small... At least you have a lot of pets to keep you company. Heh heh.

See! I read it. Aren't you proud of me.

: )
7/20/2002 c4 RedLady
Aw. How sad. I have a friend named Toni and her life isn't ice cream and roses all the time either. Great story. Hope you continue it soon.
5/11/2002 c1 shawsister - not really
haha my last name is shaw too. whatever. anyways this is pretty cute but you should add more!
5/5/2002 c3 RedLady
Why did she sign her diary as Antonia if she likes Toni? Just wondering. Anyway. German? Do you really know how to speak it? That is so cool? Know any other languages?
5/5/2002 c1 RedLady
Cool. My best friend is named Toni. Usually I only see guys with that name. : )
5/4/2002 c3 7AE Bushey
I really like this so far. Are you going to add more to it?
4/16/2002 c2 jc
I like this!

I often write stories with divorce, death, step siblings, ect. It's fun to see how many family members you can manage to get involved.

I'll keep reading!

Nice job!
3/30/2002 c1 Mauve Lipgloss
^_^; Very...nice! I read time travellers, but still didn't understand it all that much..oh well, was definatly funny!

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