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for My New Light of Hope

3/8/2002 c1 91Rosabel Valda
liked it. i like a boy called Andy but he has a bitch of a girl friend. this was really good.
3/7/2002 c1 128tissue
That was sweet, and cute...totally different from all angst and hate...but still I loved it! A bit of shadowy angst there...but mostly romance...which I do need sometimes in my dreadful life. Thank you for all the reviews, they are indeed greatly appreciated because I never expected people, much more adults who write or teenagers who strive for that...THANK YOU! I loved the poem here...it was so filled with sweetness...ahh...I need rest...
3/7/2002 c1 6JessesGurl
That's really sweet I liked it at the end. I dont know what Brian did but from what you say he shoulds like an asshole.

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