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2/6/2004 c1 Sasha L. Miller
you're not gonna update again are you? that's sad... i like this story...
1/10/2004 c5 6Wolfwitch
Aw... so sweet!
12/31/2003 c5 62Kali Nokomis
i just spent about an hour reading this and i have to say i think this story is wonderful. its well written and full of detail and humor. i even like the fact that you use the British spelling for some words. it almost makes it seem more poetic or something. the plot is great and details are amazing. you've kept me laughing the entire time. plus Lori is definetly a character i can relate to. keep it up and i want to hear more! im adding you to my favorite authors list too.
9/26/2003 c1 39Charcoal Angel
i love your story! its so so so cute! angel is so adorible! you *haave* to update soon! ^_^

8/21/2003 c5 Nameless Moonlight
Wow! I love this story and I can't wait to see what happens next!
8/12/2003 c5 52Munku-JGSPTV
! *sniff* It's really good! But you haven't updated for about a year, and you probably won't ever again *sniff* I wish you would.. This is the first angelxhuman story I've actually really liked, maybe because of the way you've done Angel - how he can't speak, etc, but what we know of his personality is really cool. oh! i wish there was more! *sigh* Are you even ever reading this?

*hugs anyway*

Munku-JGSPTV ^_^

You're really talented, keep writing always!
8/12/2003 c5 ddz008
Your story is so nice... and Angel and Lori are so cute!

I love all the chapters you had written... please keep writing!

It had been more than a year since you last updated...

I love your story!

It is now in my favorite stories list!

8/4/2003 c5 City Lights Burn Like Stars
i like it i love it i want some more of it^^ update soon
7/26/2003 c5 6Fragmental Dani
Cute cute cute! I love it! Angel boys always rock! He needs a tank top. *nods*
7/14/2003 c5 The-Punk'd-Out-Punk
Heh...Kick ass story! ^_^ I wuv Angel...-snuggle-

7/10/2003 c5 Lawrence Miisa
Aw. Angel is so sweet. Hm...Me ponders what could possibly happen to the characters later. Keep up the nice story.
7/5/2003 c5 OffigateStuppy
Nieni: *jumps up and down, screaming like the fangirl she is* YAY! ANGEL KICKED ASS! HE!

Nite: *yawns and goes back to sleep*

7/3/2003 c5 18IamPOISON
Aw bless, thats so sweet. And he did that wicked thing with the sword and kicked all the bullies asses. lol i like this story its so cool.
7/3/2003 c2 IamPOISON
Hey whats wrong with satanists?

I like your story very much, so well written.
6/25/2003 c5 Mimi
0oh! I really like this story too :)

Heh, im extremely jealous of your talent.

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