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4/20/2002 c2 9r.mai
BWAHAHAHAHAHA! he got scared of a bloody tv! okies, i know i'm being mean but that's how i'm feeling right now. ^^;;;;;;; i like the way natyla talks. did i spell it right? anywho, all black? i'd go crazy! o.O maui. anywhoz, interesting so far. hope lori gets over his issues. anywho, cya next chapter!
4/19/2002 c2 12Mfate
ooooo...! I really enjoyed the first 2 chapters! Your writing style is excellent, very descriptive.. And I like the characters, or what i know of them so far. please continue!
4/19/2002 c2 2Lovely-chan
This is so cute! I love the angel! He's adorable!

Just have this urge to huggle him. Hee hee.

Please keep writing, I'm loving it. ^_^
4/19/2002 c2 Engel of Laurel
Oh please write a third part to this! I think this is just a lovely story. The angel and Lori are so cute together! aw! Godly please do. i'm officially obessed with this story, i ultimetly love it. this thing caught my attention after like 247 fanfics. sad i know^.^; anyways, laterz! please!
4/19/2002 c2 2Assassin Shura
I like this fic! I like both main characters- but I really liked the crazy maid! Queen of Sheba- good stuff. I'm just sad there are only two chapters. Please write some more. ^,_,^
4/3/2002 c1 Mirai Shinranui
This is a really neat idea. I do hope you continue it. You've set yourself up well with the introduction of the main character and his problems, as well as most vivid descriptions really giving a good insight into the character. Then you introduced the other character, the angel, very well, though we know nothing about him yet except what Lori guessed at.

I really like your style of writing because of its descriptions and plots.
4/1/2002 c1 4Link621
*is singing the song Lorelei quietly* Awe, that is so damn cute, so far! The main character remains me of someone... and the angel reminds me of Tetra! *Glomps the angel* Oo... sorry, forgot you were hurt. Anyway, you need to keep writing this! It is so pretty! *twitches on ground* Must get more...

Luka: *Crying* Angels! *Bawls*

Thain: Master? Link? *sigh*
3/12/2002 c1 lordbob
YESSSSSS!I want to see more please...
3/10/2002 c1 Ashley-san
Wooweeee!you so have to continue this! even though this is only one chapter, I am already hooked! I love it! I love yaoi! I love you! Now that all of you have experienced an examle of my coffee rush, I am going to go back in my room and read my deliceous FAKE manga!

3/9/2002 c1 6pinkuz
oooh interesting! write more okay? I love the vivid descriptions and the way you write. No matter how I try to write from the third person, it just doesnt sound as good. Keep it up!
3/8/2002 c1 9r.mai
meow~ neatos~~ lovely pictures. err...he reminds me of a goth. i think goth anime guys look better than ran goth guys. anywho. cya baiz! lovely image of the feathers!
3/8/2002 c1 shadowofthevampireangel
This is cute so far! I like Lori he sounds like me! ^_^ You should definetely continue!
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