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2/8/2003 c8 Adro14
good story!
2/8/2003 c5 4Adro
Guinea pigs! I would say fudge's adventures...
2/8/2003 c4 Adro
Poor guinea pigs... :( I would say the closet...
2/8/2003 c3 Adro
Such a cute little guinea pig story!
2/8/2003 c1 Adro
Ok I'm reviewing for real now... This is a pretty good fanfic, I like guinea pigs!
11/29/2002 c8 6Kate
Awwww! This was just sooo cute! Guinea pigs do a lot of funny things and I have never even thought about writing stories about them. I'll read the sequel as soon as I can. Keep writing stories like this:)
10/14/2002 c8 4NekoNinja
Aaaw sweetness ^^. Such a cute story!
5/11/2002 c8 Chrischi1
Great story! I loved it! I want a guina pig! Oh a idea for another Guina Pig story. I think Carmel and Chocolate should have a fight and Carmekl should go on her own adventure. Not leaving out Choc and Fudge though! They should go look for her. And lots of wierd and scary things should happen to Carmel on the journey. Hope u try my idea. C-yah! (Plz make another!)
4/26/2002 c8 13RedLady
Holy Smokes! Where have I been this whole time! I would have reviewed this if you told me. Yet I don't always get to go on the internet. Great story. If I ever post a guinea pig story I'll dedicate it to you, Ok fellow guinea pig lover? I love all animals and they all have a special place in my heart. Or course not all cats are evil. My cat is too small to even eat the gerbils! Perhaps I should do a story on all my pets. Lets see: two cats, a guinea pig, two gerbils, a parrot, a cockiteal, a bunch of finches, a fish, and a bunch of bugs. (Do they count?) Anyway I probably wouldn't be as creative as you. There I gave you a long review. You should be happy now. Tell me when another guinea pig story is up. They don't have enough of those now a days. And if you know of someone else who wrote about them , tell me so I can read it. I'll leave you alone now. I think this is the longest review I ever left anyone. He, He. : ) Have a nice day.
4/7/2002 c8 4NinjaRage
hey!this is cute!cute!Cute!

i love this story to death!i`m going to write one!You`ve spirited me!or should I say enspired me!

Well i g2g C*Yah!

4/2/2002 c8 angelic bubbles
aww that was so cute! You should write another one like this *giggles*
3/30/2002 c1 KrAzYbLoNdE aka Sarah
hehe it's cute =) And all of them are names after food, Fudge, Chocolate, Carmel... you must have been craving chocolate when you wrote this right? =)
3/30/2002 c1 Mauve Lipgloss
BWHAHAHAHH! :rolls around laughing: I love this! Fudge rules!
3/30/2002 c6 3SilverStarDevil
good good good good good good good good good good good good great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great awesome awesome awesome awesome wow wow wow wow wowo wowowowowowwww

This is incredibly cute!Keep up!I want to read about the Frog Clan!please write quickly!

3/29/2002 c6 4NinjaRage
wonderful!I love it I love it!It`s cute cute cute!Well Iza gots to go.C*Yah!

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