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for Hands

2/12/2006 c1 4funky white boy
WOW! That is a really good story. I really like it. I liked how the story had a lot of questions that the reader can geuss about. I also like how it started off with the main charachter very joyful and no sign that anything bad will happen to him. I really like it.
8/2/2005 c1 60I can't believe it's over
confused. help?
4/23/2005 c1 KatieAgen
Yet another great tale from 'Silverwolf'! it was a good start.
1/29/2005 c1 55Petronia H
This was good... a bit confusing, but good.
3/3/2002 c1 kaytee83
Like someone already said, that bit about him cutting off his hands is really effective. But I'm not sure if I follow: is he in a mental institution (that word has a lot of ts) or am I as stoopid as Phoebe H?
9/25/2000 c1 SamanthaGrant
*raises her eyebrows* uh huh..*leaves quietly* JUST KIDDING! very kewl..liked the arm cutting bit!

it should have been a PG though..
9/21/2000 c1 Hippie Gurl
::shivers: If this is G, I can't Imagine what R and NC-17 are like. I shivered. Duh. This IS scary, good for a first fic.
9/6/2000 c1 toad
9/1/2000 c1 Kirei Lockhart
I think it was really good for a first scary story. But it was a little confusing. I liked it Please i just started to so read and review my work thanks :P
8/30/2000 c1 SuganSpice
Pretty good a bit confusing but I liked it

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