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5/20/2002 c4 Kim123087
Please continue! This is good!
5/17/2002 c4 3remember my name
AwWwe! I wuv it! Jake sounds gorgeous. Man, i need a guy like that
5/17/2002 c4 1Asher Monroe
This was a cute chapter man! Chloe needs some happiness in her life and that dude seems nice. Update sooner next time alright? Hehehe!
4/30/2002 c3 Late Night Texts
Hey HEY Hey! It's me *Rihana.* I feel so special! :-D It's my name! This is fab by the way. Hope you continue to use *me* in your story. :-D
3/15/2002 c2 Late Night Texts
Like I said, you have issues if you don't think you write well. I mean, what's wrong with you. You have skills and that's a GREAT idea for a story. Keep it up
3/15/2002 c2 Asher Monroe
Awe that was SO sad man! And is that a real song or did you make it up? Either way this is starting off really cool and it's different, which I like. I get tired of the same old thing so this is refreshing! Keep it up!
3/15/2002 c1 BluePenguin
Tom & Carol! MUST u steal my father's name? hmpf! ok ANYWAYS not a bad starter...u could go places w/ this...anyways later!

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