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for Stand Tall

8/31/2002 c1 3Kiwii
Wow... powerful. I don't know what else to say.
8/28/2002 c1 12iceheart-04
I really liked how you ended it. It made me feel Happy. :)
6/7/2002 c1 3Emerald Eyes2
Your poems are really wonderful. I just... really love all of them. This was so wonderful, it gives me an optimistic view of myself, something i rarely experience. All your poems affect me emotionally, and this was no exception. I'm off to read more, you're an awesome author and poet.
5/24/2002 c1 xurbandecayx
Wow, are we feeling nationalistic or what? Or is it from the phrase, "Never be ashamed of who you are"? Either way... Very good!
5/12/2002 c1 45OzFox12
It's nice to hear something optimistic in the midst of my angst-filled writting.
3/21/2002 c1 1Sick Little Fiend
Yay! I'm glad I read this! I'm always putting myself down so this was really great to read!

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