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5/26/2003 c1 27Trinity4
Wow, this is really good. So very sad... And well written. Post the next part, yeah. It's sufficient on its own, but I want to read what else you wrote.
8/17/2002 c1 5Baisteach
OMG! That was really well written, and so sad! I personally would really like to see the second part.
6/12/2002 c1 Alethia
Ah, so sad...

Keep writing.
6/7/2002 c1 3Emerald Eyes2
*sniff* That's really, really sad. It's beautifully written though. I'd like to see the second part, I think. Well done! This was really awesome!
5/31/2002 c1 26GoddessofBlue
maybe i can send it this time without getting kicked off *sigh* dont we all hate aol. at any rate, as i said the last time i tried to review it... this is GREAT! i loved it so much it was... wonderful. sad, very powerful, i was about to cry after i read it (but then i was kiked offline so i yelled at the computer and i'm not sad anymore) at any rate, i think this was great, how you ended it in a way that nobody was expecting it. Good job! *hugs* this is great
5/22/2002 c1 16Death's Girlfriend
It's so sad...you HAVE to post hte next part!
3/15/2002 c1 22Give Me Stitchez
good fic ^_^ i luvd it... poor angelica...

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