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for Love Hurts

2/17/2003 c1 12cantoditz
hey nice, i'm jus lookin around. i write poems too. =) well bibi for now
11/13/2002 c1 15Lilliana
Never had a boyfriend, but I have watch my friends go through this process. I still have yet only to imagine...thank goodness. What 19yr old do you know that can say that...lol! Another one perfectly executed! Lilliana
8/28/2002 c1 12iceheart-04
OOOHHHH... I really like this one. Your words fir really well.
7/20/2002 c1 12Rain2
I liked it!

Nice comparisons.
6/7/2002 c1 3Emerald Eyes2
Lovely. This was really fabulous. Good work!
4/15/2002 c1 45OzFox12
Sadly it seems most relationships seem to turn out that way.(Especially mine) You convey the emotions very well.
3/18/2002 c1 Kelly King Jr
this is a quality poem... different bc it makes ya think, like every line makes u think about it.. great poem
3/16/2002 c1 19Mystifying
Love always ends in pain...it's so true...well if you are lucky enough, you get to at least go out with the person that you love...and maybe they'll love you back...only if you're lucky...

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