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4/2/2006 c2 joie 610
usually chapters are longer but i guess this is okay. the point of views can be confusing at times. you definitely have promise!
4/2/2006 c1 joie 610
okay, so i'm surprised i'm reading this because i'm not really in the mood. it's kind of an interesting attention-grabber- i'm gonna read more, but i'm not like, "dang! what happens next?" not bad for a beginning though.
3/27/2006 c2 strawberryaid
I'm too confused. There's too many pov's and they're in different persons. like first and third person povs... woah
12/20/2003 c26 infinite sorrow
My bad on the last reveiw I made. I had the wrong title...Im started"Kocchuk to be broken" (my bad :S) ^^ This is your best story in my opinion. Great work!
12/20/2003 c1 infinite sorrow
I love this story alot. The 2 times when they broke up, it really made me cry. The ending is too short! You have to make it longer, like a sequel. U MUST! I have read some of your stories. I am starting Affectus right now. Please, you truly have a gift for writing. Especially romance. Please write more romance! U must! lol.
6/28/2003 c26 4EmNight87
Great story! Awesome story! Totally amazing story!
8/4/2002 c26 Evie
AHHHHHHh i LovEd iT! I LaUGheD..I CriED (i really did, too) and hmm.. ok, best part - how you put in the different points of view. that was so great, showed me how EVERYONE was feeling - i liketh that. :-D now they just gotta get married! I SMELL A SEQUEL!1
2/18/2002 c26 1The Incredible Flying Wolf
Wow! I am So loving this! Your writing is great... I can't believe there's only four other reviewers besides me. Your style really kicks some major ass. How'd you manage to stay in obscurity for so long?

12/8/2001 c26 9Your Chica
omg. dang. you write AWESOME. I don't think I've read a story on here that's been that long, that good, and written that well. It's a great story, and the way you wrote it is even better. I love it. So much. It surprises me that you only have three other reviews on here, you should have a whole lot more. this is an awesome story. dang. lol it's an awesome story and I hope you write more like that, cause I'd LOVE to read it. later!
2/12/2001 c3 null acount delete
Ok- I finished. Here's what I wan't to say: Make sure you keep your tenses right! Jumping around from person to person is fine, but make sure if Danni's talking, you don't use her name in the sence. Anyways. Good job! Peace- ~Chip~
2/11/2001 c1 null acount delete
like it, I only got to the first page, but I'm reading the rest after school tomarrow! Peace- ~Chip~
2/5/2001 c1 Joel Li
Good starting of the story, I especially like the way you write the thought processes, this is something seldom seen in writing nowadays. But before I go on to Chapter 2, I would also like to point out that your story sometimes do jump about, leaving me clueless for a sec. Other then that keep up the good work.

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