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2/9/2004 c4 2Jen Toner
Wow... and I thought I got long e-mails from , the only person/thing that e-mails me. Actually it was a review alert from some person, but it was only three-fourths the length of yours. I pity your friends.
~Icingdeath of Peppered Cinnamin (AKA Dragonmistress)
11/23/2003 c1 ababab
That's not THAT strange... ;-)

Read THESE if you want strange!


Stories I wrote at weird hours of the night at my best friend's house... I wrote down everything that popped into my head. Scary. The second one is funnier if you know a thing or two about Led Zeppelin. Ok, I go byebye now.
9/14/2003 c1 Nessa
ah freaky drama teachers, i had one last year! except he was a "proffesional opera singer* ACK. anyway very random...but it is nice to know that there IS someone out there who does'nt like Josh hartnett! yay.
9/4/2003 c4 strawberry-twist
wow. That reminds me of my emails to my friends. lol.
1/20/2003 c2 4Lou Sipher

(must...speak in...clipped...sentences (grammar...not...important...))

so yeah, everyone raise your hand if you think Soyotome is on drugs *raises hand* well, nobody else is here so that didn't work but I think you did have a bit too much Mountain Dew or something.

P.S. did you realize you left your "true" name in this e-mail?
10/4/2002 c4 Chinow
O.O It actually looks like a few of the things I've wrote to people! Heheheheheee Made sense o moi, but then again, i really have been to a shrink. I do this for an hour, -_- Yup, ain't that ? I think i should freak him out by telling him everything, but thas not as fun as the blank look syndrome, eh?

Dum de dum dum I'm "listening' to my Computer teacher lecture us about one thing or another. Oh... it about not being on the Internet. Uh-oh she's looking at me...

See ya!

I'm not here
7/24/2002 c4 mister blister
damn these are funny...maybe one day i'll get a friend this insane. on the other hand, i don't plan on visiting the asylum anytime soon. good stuff.
5/8/2002 c1 The Pervy Elf Fancier
Heehee, you is most definitely insane, but saying that thats a bad thing would make me some kind of hypocrite. Yay for randomness, and LotR and BHD! And at last I've found somebody who agrees with me: Orlando Bloom good, Josh Hartnett icky! Oh well, I'll just be going now...TWEAK!

4/26/2002 c1 Zheremi
This is best ever! You are hilarious. I'm new to your fics, a friend showed me. I was reading over her shoulder and couldn't stop laughing! But anyway I totally agree with you, Orlando YES Josh NO. And I remember the stick stickley song! I was just thinking about that like last week. LoL...anyhoo...
4/24/2002 c1 Ice
You poor demented child. I was told to come here by my friend who thinks that this kinda remnds her of me. I fail to see the resemblence *Twitch*. Ah, well. She'll get a nice long letter after this. And so I leave you on this note: The Evil Seagulls of Death are coming! Run, run for youe pitiful lives! *Ear piercing uncharacteristic laugh*

3/24/2002 c1 10Dark Side Luke
That was grand! I used to send out e-mails like that, and then the cops took my computer. Well, not really, but it could happen! I loved this. It's great. Keep it up.
3/24/2002 c3 figgo
physco, and very funny. haha!
3/18/2002 c1 jesska
hehe, fun stuff! How come I've never gotten an e-mail quite as strange? *pouts*
3/17/2002 c1 the iz
i liked it 4 1! its just like me.. babbling on on onand on about evil teachers and diving under couches and so forth... im bored and i dont know what 2 do! tht y i read insane stories about insane people because thats me! u know? oh well i guess u dont. poop on you! Grrr... i see you watching me with that screwed up expression on your face! you kow i do too, dont you? newaz... im just babbleing on and on and on again arrent i? i guess i am! *suprised expression* maybe im insane 2! that wouldnt surprise me... oh well... off 2 send this 2 ppl & freak them out! *MWAHAHAHAHAHA* *laughs evilly (if you cant tell already)* peace & hair grease!


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