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for [Unknown Melody]

3/15/2003 c1 35Angelic Hooligan
Oh wow. . . I really like this. Great job.
11/25/2002 c1 hannah the lazy unloggedinbi0tch
WAI, BECCA! THIS IS pretty. (excuse the caps.)

I LIKE this. I love the description... I can't believe I didn't read it any earlier, and I am sorry. oh my, what have I missed out on! (...etc.)
4/14/2002 c1 10Beck
*pets the pretty poem*

That was lovely. Not enough good lyric poetry on the net. Today's sample "poem:"

I am blackness.



Fear my gothicness.

Every moment I am alive is agony.


I hate everything.

Thank you for doing your own thing!
3/17/2002 c1 2Gileonnen
This is a fantastic, lyrical, soothing poem. I think I'll make a recording of it and use the recording as a lullaby . . .

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