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4/29/2002 c1 8IvyDragon
This is sad! Aren't you happy? It doesn't really seem like it... But it is sad! I'm sorry that people are really treated like that! I really really am! Seriously! Keep writing!

4/29/2002 c1 blah blah smellyrpj
this one was my favorite, its the best of the 3. now lets laugh at kates
3/19/2002 c1 amaiko who is not signed in
FOR GOD'S SAKE, IF YOU EVER WRITE A HAPPY THING I THINK I WILL DIE FROM SHOCK. but otherwise nice job. i think you should post angel's requiem. now. read my poem. you know which one. i wrote two last night and i'm quite proud of myself.

3/19/2002 c1 7Sakura no Catharsis
I like it. It's very good, a very beautiful poem. I like the meter. It flows well.

The refrain is nice ^.^

see, someone DID review, and I am nice like you, I won't diss you in my fanfics!

Oh yeah minna, sorry Blood Moon hasn't been updated, but believe me, I AM WORKING ON IT! Lei-chan and I have a ton of really supa-cool shctuff worked out for it, plus the a really CUTE shounen ai couple! XDD

You papaya!

Ja ne

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