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for A day on the Mountain

5/27/2007 c1 wyckydgoddess

12/13/2003 c1 bc
Ah, very Moses and the Burning Bushish, if you don't mind me saying. Great description.
3/25/2002 c1 8BNLadie
your spine, huh? ; aww, I'm just givin' ya flak. good descriptions! the one line that sticks out to me is "On a day I that I hadn’t

Suspected anything strange"... it doesn't have the same flow as the rest of your poem. hmm, am I acting pompous? must be all this IB training *snicker*

Good job, Evan. how about some stuff you didn't submit to Harbinger? Heaven knows I wouldn't submit my BNL story... *chuckles at that thought*

-la Femme. Devine qui, sot. ;
3/18/2002 c1 71Kormation
I thought this poem was pretty good. Especially the last couple of lines

"As i stood in awe

At the amazing sight

Of a fireball"

There's some great description used in this poem as well. Building up to the actual fireball was very effective in this poem too.

Very good.


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