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for not screaming / outlook lookout

1/9/2003 c1 27werechick
Awe inspiring.
12/16/2002 c1 15xorcha
I love these poems. The imagery in outlook lookout is so real :) And I can really relate to feeling like that in maths class :)
11/16/2002 c1 252account inactive00000
ah, i love how the second one ends! and hehe, i always feel like screaming in math class...

i wish i had your talents.

and thank you for the reviews
8/12/2002 c1 53Aviendha19
oh man. i too hate math. and love the outside notinhouseorschool. i think math is trying to use the organ (namely left side of brain) which i dont posess and i get all squished and flat and sumb and stare at paper and draw x with a line through it and lay head down on desk and drool
6/18/2002 c1 Sparkle Fruit
4/22/2002 c1 4Spyre
The last of your current works I've read and I've yet to be disappointed. You never stick to one style and I adore it. You're among my fave poets inside and outside fanfiction.net. I really find some truth and some part of things that elude me between and inside your words. Thank you! Keep this up; I'll be watching for more.

as ever:

s p y r e
4/10/2002 c1 5Erin2
These are both excellent. I'm impressed.
4/2/2002 c1 petrock
OMG! I know how you feel in "Not Screaming." Sometimes I just feel like screaming at the top of my lungs during Precalc...Math is EVIL I tells' 'ye! EVIL! Um..I'm in hyper mode...Oh, and is your author name inspired by e.e cummings? I was thinking about that poet because I just had "o sweet spontaneous" in a English test, and I wanted to know if you chose your pen name from that...he's one of my favorate poets so...I just had to ask...ooh..this review is getting long..uh..bye!
3/21/2002 c1 Clarachu
That was odd and impressive at the same time! If you have a topic you want to vent about, post it in the review to my poem VENT, and by the next day you will see a poem venting the subject. This is a collaborative effort. É
3/21/2002 c1 4Setsuka
wonderful writing... i'd write poems in math too except my teacher would catch me! ... anyways, those were cool poems. it made me feel what you were talking about, good luck with more.

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