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for Pandora's Box

7/18/2009 c4 Sunny
I didn't quiet understand what was happening here, but that might just whenever there was an apostraphe this thing ("“") would show up and I couldn't read some of it.

The first part is wonderful, however. It really gives the story an eerie,haunted type of mood.
6/20/2004 c4 sine
This story is beautifully done- why did you stop? where is part five?
I love the way the time jumps back and forth so that brandy and zap's past together is slowly revealed. your slash is mild, and tasteful. good job!
8/18/2003 c4 6Fighting It
Whoa...totally awesome and creepy and original. This is really excellent. Sequal perhaps? I wish it was longer. Other than that...totally good. I think i said that already. Whatever. Most excellant...but it needs to be longer!
8/13/2003 c4 8Edana
Part 5 is the end? Is this the end? I thought it was only part 4. Anyway, it was an enjoyable tale and I really think you could stretch it out just a little and change the order of events and it would be even better. But I loved the characters and the angst and the setting and plot and everything. Box is great too, the evil thing. It was strange though, that you put the reunion in the last chapter and ended this chap with angst. Even though I know what happens, it still ends in a depressing way. But I liked it a lot ^_^
8/13/2003 c3 Edana
This is a really interesting story. You have a lot of clever and original ideas and I love the way you created the setting without going overboard. Like by refering to 'Zero' and having Casts and Norts and the plot drew me in too. I got a little confused with the names and such, and also with the way the scenes aren't in chronological order. I know it would make more sense if I paid attention to the dates, but personally I think that if you rewrote this fic and changed the order, it would get a lot more attention!
4/3/2003 c1 18Val Mora
I like what you've got, but I have no idea what's happening. I realize there's a flashback in here, but I can't keep the characters straight - "who is where with whom in the what now?" is sort of my reaction to it all, because I don't get it.

It would be better if I had some idea what was going on.

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