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12/13/2003 c1 2Lady Chance
^.^ niceities! kinda hard to read though, it's got these weird little characters all through it, mostly right in the middle of words. its probably my computer, what with every thing i read looking like that, then agian it could be fiction press. now i have to go run a virus scan and try to get rid of the one in my system... hmm... maybe thats why its has the symbols in it. once more, nice
and because every one has to get their work read...
I was hoping maybe you could read my new story? I need differnt opions on it, its called "We all lose sometime" i'd really appreciate it if you read it.
*welcome to my favorite authors list, you really are giving I-nv-u50 a challenge. you might make it to the #2 spot (#1 rightfully belongs to Luetin Sabrosa)
3/26/2002 c1 Speedette
Ah! I DID read this (sorry, I must have forgotten). V. Cute, I'm sure you'll win! :) When do you find out about the results?

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