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for I Have All This Pain

11/27/2004 c1 7DameNoire
What can I say? I know how you feel... Brilliant, as usual
6/25/2003 c1 33black pixie
i feel the same way with someone... good poem
5/23/2003 c1 25suicidel angel
in your words, i like things i can relate to! but then again everyone wears a mask, it's sad really, but then that's life!
1/19/2003 c1 51MiLa CasLyn
hey - thanks for reviewing mine. i *really* understand this - hell, read all of my poetry. lol.
12/16/2002 c1 9Dreamz a'Luv
I love the poem; I hate being the only thing real in this world besides pain... I wish magic, love, & happiness were real... Anyways, good poem... & Merry X-Mas! Sincerely, SimbiAni... luver of all that's sappy, cute, & awwwwww-some!
12/9/2002 c1 37Silent Dreamer2
I can really relate to this one. Good job. You seem to be good at writing stuff a lot of people can relate to. =)
4/18/2002 c1 55puddlefairy
this is o true, wow. if u eva want to talk, email me...i got ur email b4 i read ur reviews of my work so i asked who u were but i know now so u can disregard that question! email me again, do u have msn? if u do maybe we could hav a chat online.
4/17/2002 c1 195ReaDiNGS DaRK RoSe
you sed it right there! you are REAL! you hav to let it out sumtime! or else you get like me! 14 years old and doped up to the eye balls on prozac! not good! Jaymi xxxx
4/10/2002 c1 4annana1
Hey! This poems great!

I feel like that all the time. Its good to know im not the only one though.

Plz quote me on that I dont say it v often lol.
4/4/2002 c1 21Dryad
i really like this one! thats like how i feel sorta, but ya. keep writting ur really good
4/3/2002 c1 25Damia Raven
ohh - deep - i liked the idea that you gave ~Damia~
4/2/2002 c1 4Straw-wolf
This is really good and it touched me because sometimes I feel like this. Tucked away from the world and everything.
3/24/2002 c1 1alex4
liked it.


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