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2/4/2005 c1 1FrozenSunrise
...What he said.

Furthermore, do you even know what a croniton is? Wormhole bubbles do not exist...nor do soliton rays. If you used something like squark rays, it would have made more sense. And is it just me, or do all sci-fi fans have an obsession with the word "flux?"

But if you put this in a story...and made a few realistic adjustments...This race of yours may actually end up being pretty cool.

^_^ good luck with your further writes!
10/10/2000 c1 figment
This is a good example of a ship made to perform every task of an entire interstellar starfleet, because its creator couldn't decide on what he (or she) would've liked to write about.

Look. It's BIG. Impossibly big. Why on earth would something seventy-five kilometers long need atmospheric engines? If it even touched a planet's surface, the dust kicked up would send the planet into a global winter...

It has eight torpedo tubes - that's one torpedo tube for every NINE KILOMETERS of metal hull. What the hell could they use all this space for?

It's basically overboard. That's all there is to it.
9/2/2000 c1 9phoenixfireball
This is made by me...I was really bored...it gives me something to do...I have lots more if anyone is interested...

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