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1/21/2004 c4 2Aether Wanderer
It is very hard to find a well written story like this. I hope you add another chapter soon.
9/8/2003 c1 gryphonlady
heyla! This is a great first chapter! *sniff* sad... anyways, I'll read the rest of it tomorrow...I'm uber-tired (yes, that's a word ~_^ )

8/1/2002 c4 Forceflow
Excellent. The doctor being his dad is nice. I'm a little scared of the kangaroo girl now. All in all a good 4th chapter.
7/30/2002 c4 Haloplayer14
Awesome story! I really like your idea! Keep writing pleeze! I really want to see what happens next
7/25/2002 c4 michelle
Ooh, so cool! Keep writing, please.
6/13/2002 c3 Tom
Good story. Like it so far. Keep writing. Sidenote: Since I am an editor, I am editing this story for readability.
5/6/2002 c2 Chris again
This was really good as well. It bares resemblence to Rising Stars which is a comic book if you didn't know that. My friend loooooooooved your dbz story. It was great. I should be leaving 2 diffrent reviews but am too lazy. Well I promised reviews and you got them. You rule!
4/30/2002 c3 Bryan
Wow. I didn't think I was gonna like this one... I was wrong! FINISH IT!
4/20/2002 c3 Charbonne
Heyy! Haven't seen you in a while (even though this isn't Digimon). I just read this fic and thought it was awesome! Great descriptions, too. I really like how you did the fight scenes (unlike my own). Well, I gotta go. Sayonara!
4/4/2002 c3 ashley
the best story i evers read.It's as cool as any superhero/star wars,but original!
4/1/2002 c1 4LivingDeadGirl
You better post the next chapter soon, OR ELSE. I will find you and beat you up. I REALLY like this story, but you already knew that from last year.
3/31/2002 c1 Jeff
The story is great. I am greatly anticipating the rest of it, and the ending. I can not wait till it is done. IT WAS GREAT!

3/30/2002 c3 2Rapunzel2
I like how you gradually bring in explinations of how things are, like the gamma gangs, Genesis's and Verdell's powers...it's got great style.
3/30/2002 c2 Rapunzel2
I really like the change in POV, and the portrayl of the Verdell. I like him... :-) Is the history of the Germaine Incident provided this chapter to be used in the next? It's a great foil.
3/30/2002 c1 Rapunzel2
You've got the plot, you've got the intrigue,...that's the equation for a great first chapter. :-)
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