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for Red Darkness

9/2/2002 c1 23Matthew Espinoza
Yet another powerful poem. The last lines are a bit weak, and typos are apparent, but it was good. I liked it. Is the monster supposed to be a metaphor for something? Maybe lonliness? Anger? I dunno. Criticisim? Well. Whatever it was, I loved it. I'm gonna read some more. Bye!
8/2/2002 c1 21Bobo
Ooohhhh... another idea coming up. this really, extremely suits the book series I'm currently reading (the Wheel of Time; Robert Jordan)... your poems realy inspire me. I don't think anything other than... watching esca makes me want to write. I have weird little spurts of writing sometimes. Don't ask :p In your Bio, it says that the poem "Darkenss" was inspired to you because of your sister, and because of what she does to you. Seeing how this is the sequel, I am assuming that is had the same inspiration; your sister. If that is so, I... don't know. First, before going any deeper into the topic, I would ask if it like, normal sibling rivalr, like I regularly scream and wrestle with my older brother, but if it is more serious, like the messages in your poems... then it is not right. Anywho, I'm becoming all deep, and depressing, but it's getting late in the night here, and that's always what happens to me at this particular time of night. Geez, it looks like I'm writing an essay, or somthing...Ack! no, 'tis summer... Summer, sweet, boring, depressing, summer. ~ Bobo ~
5/12/2002 c1 26annakas
Wow impressive.
5/5/2002 c1 65Maria Gv
^_^ you have a thing for including being alone in your poems.. kinda sad and bad to always have to feel that way.. feel you're alone and such. I liked this poem though because there was a form to the darkness inside a person I believe, you refer to it as this tyrant with red eyes.. it's kinda neat when people give forms to things such as emotions and ideas or words, which ever a person would call them. ^_~
4/20/2002 c1 16ChibiMizu
Kinda, different. Good tho... a little confusing at the end... but thats probably just me! LOL! U r very good at poems! Keep upu the good work!
4/18/2002 c1 58OneCrazyGurl
This is a interesting one, good job!
4/4/2002 c1 141Suicidal Butterfly
More Lonely
4/4/2002 c1 19blinky2
very good. is it coincidence th@ all ure poems end in 'now, your all alone'?

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