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for eternity

4/27/2003 c1 2cinder's rose
Your poems never cease to amaze me- 'heat' was the first one I read and ever since then I was convinced that you were one of the most talented poets on this website, and 'eternity' doesn't dissapoint.
5/14/2002 c1 32Gothic Revival
This is beautiful. The mythological references are unique, and i greatly relate to the concept.
4/30/2002 c1 93Sidhe
That was really...passionate! Obsessive persona...I really dont know what to say but it was realy really great. I would commend you further, but I really dont know what to say...-Sidhe
4/18/2002 c1 38the laughing ghost
the author would like to note that Aurora is the Greek goddess of dawn and Orpheus was a Greek (or was he Roman?) mythological hero who was noted for his beauty and mastery of playing the lyre.
4/1/2002 c1 268Grey Mitten
Aurora and Orpheus sound familiar but I dunno who they are. Besides that, it's cool.
3/28/2002 c1 Villain
For some reason, I read this as if it were smug. Hmm, is that right? Ah well. It's good, to say the least. I like your style and the words you use. You write beautifully and I applaud you. *claps hands* Cheers. Ta ta for now dawling!

Adieu mon ami until we meet again.

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