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8/3/2004 c1 2Queen of dawn
aww...my heart cries out for you, but more for your brother. perhaps he needs to make friend with a black person that can prove his idea wrong. well written story ;)
5/15/2003 c1 6Not Called Rose
That must be awful... this is extremely good, and the twist at the end was definitely unsuspected. Very emotional.

3/10/2003 c1 8PaperLanterns
HEY! Your story is GREAT. i like it a lot.well written and good descriptions, plus the dialogue sounds natural and not at all forced. Are you the same barker who used to write blink 182 (and maybe green day.can't remember) fics. If you are, I FUCKING LOVE YOU! i used to read your stories. do you have any stories up at fandomination? that is if you are the same barker. have a spiffy day,

10/20/2002 c1 Jade Dennis
hey, i know that you used to write blink 182 fanfiction. do you know why they got rid of all of the music stuff? this sounds cheesey, but do u know any other website that i can find blink fics? im dyin to know. lol. thanx, send me an email sometime, bubbye!

8/18/2002 c1 chris
that was great well not happy great just great like wow that was good great.
4/13/2002 c1 Julia
Oh rachel, I love you so much. You're such a dear. In your position... I don't know what I'd do. You're a very strong person and... and one day we'll overcome. Just wait. I promise.
4/3/2002 c1 16SuperHyperSpastic
i'm sorry.

this is really awesome. very very well written.

3/31/2002 c1 4Punk Quistis Trepe
Oh god...poor you. I have 3 friends who are bi, 2 who are gay and one of my friends best friends is racist. I hate that guy and i constantly tell people I'll fucking kill him if he doesn't shut up...but I don't think I could.
3/30/2002 c1 some random loser

Oh, fuck. I wish I had something to say to make it all -right-, you know? I really, really wish the best for you. You, of all people, deserve good things. Fuck. Fuckity fuck. Someday, maybe someday, your brother will see what he is doing is wrong and "come back." I really hope he does.

Oh, how articulate I sound when I'm confused (rolls eyes). Really, I'm hoping the best for you, if that's any sort of comfort at all. -srl.
3/30/2002 c1 Leashy
I'm so sorry you have to deal with something like this. Racism sickens me and I just hope you'll be able to get through to your brother one of these days. Just don't give up and know that there are a lot of people out here in ff.n land that are willing to listen to you and talk to you about anything. I just wish I knew the right words to say to make your brother see and to make the world a better place.

Never give up.

Love you,

3/30/2002 c1 1ImaginaryPuppies
Awwww... I *love* you. And I'm sorry you have to deal with that. Racism is awful, and I really really hope that your brother can see past that.

You know you can call or just talk to me on IM whenever you want about this stuff. Really really. Or about anything, for that matter. I'm here. I always am.

Aww. I loved this, which is odd to say for some reason. Just because it's not a loveable subject. But I really really respect that you put this up, something so personal to you.

Did I already mention that I love you?
3/30/2002 c1 17Socks
Aw. Dude, just aw.

I don't like rascist people. Which is kinda.. contradicting, because then that makes me rascist against them, eh?

Whatever. This was coolies. I love you, I love this :D. -Socks Xx
3/29/2002 c1 kori
...wow.. fantastic...i'm left speechless.
3/29/2002 c1 sweet catastrophe2
Ohh, Rachel..

Dammit, this kills me. I'm supposed to be a writer yet I never know what to say to people I care about when they're in pain..

I wish I could stop your tears and make your brother see how terrible it is that he is a nazi, but I know I can't.. I think it's so sad that there are people who are still racist and close-minded about so many things. I wish they'd all just wake up and see that everyone is different and never in a bad way and that they'd accept everyone..

And I think you are an amazing, brilliant and caring person, and I can't believe how strong you are. I adore you so much for all you've helped me with and I hope you know how much you have helped my in my stupid lil struggle to figure out who I am. But.. that's beside my point. My point is.. dammit, I don't know my point anymore. I just want your brother to open his mind and you to keep being the amazing person you are and fight through this. I know things will work out. They have to.

And I just want you to know that, even though you probably don't care 'cause you have better people to talk with, I'm here for you. (StellarEmoKid5 or LittleRoeConley both on AIM)

Stay strong,

*= Sarah *=

(I sound all cheesy but, like I said, I suck at words during tough situations like these..)
3/29/2002 c1 4Orange Shoelace
Oh my gosh...I'm absolutely stunned...I can't believe that. You are one of the nicest, most open minded people I know and you're brother is a Nazi? Oh God, that must be so tough for you. I commend you on your efforts to end racism and hatred. It sickens me that in a country like ours, these things still exist. I give you so much credit for being able to stand up what you believe in, even when it's so hard to do. I hope that one day your brother learns from your example. Not only are you an amazing writer with an unending amount of talent, but you are a truly good, strong person. You never fail to amaze me.
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