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for Under The Rug

3/27/2007 c1 Zokolov
Rather short, poorly formatted and strange. UNDER THE CARPET! Okay then, a rather strange story.
8/3/2006 c1 3strykr
Mr. Smith IS UNDER THE RUG! Don't be fooled! Look! I think he moved! (...sorry... I'm a bit hyper.)
9/1/2005 c1 7Bitter.Sweet.Endings
oh. my. god. that was funny! I forget how I came across this story (kinda sad, found it a few minutes ago)but it is funy!
5/23/2004 c1 AndForAMomentIAmHappy
Scary! I bet he ate Mr. Smith or something
10/10/2002 c1 Bwett
'Wow,' says Derek, even though he didn't read it. Brett, typing in a very odd manner, thinks of Emily and takes out the picture of her from his wallet.

Ben does not pay attention to this but, now he simply turns around and says 'what?' Brett, still typing at school, while a kid passes by and knocks the window. Casually, Ben asks, 'Did the bell ring?' More people gather around to plaster their faces to the window. Leaving smear marks and imprints of their face. THe bell just rang, and Brett keeps typing. He is sad, because he hates A-days. Ben asks, "why?" again, and Brett yells out, "darn it" since he still has to write more. Now he stops while Ben laughs at him.

The End.
10/29/2001 c1 Breanne Fisher

This story is very insane Emily. I hope you had fun writing this story. Because I must say, that was the most different story ever.

You friend,

Breanne/Ms. Blonde
3/16/2001 c1 1Chizzy
2/4/2001 c1 3Hermione19
So... they didn't even check under the carpet? (shakes head) Stupid people. (You're not... they are.) I think you kind of have a point here, just because someone's crazy doesn't mean they're always wrong. Interesting story. Good work.
10/25/2000 c1 Loki your friend the crazy 1 whose email u never responded 2 ok well u were busy ok o
now THAT was funny...yes! Very good! hysterical. A bit choppy, but thats ok.
10/18/2000 c1 Joshua Graham
This is by far the most absurb thing I have ever read. I laughed my head off

through the whole thing. :)
9/9/2000 c1 D.K. Archer
You write wonderful short stories! Keep it up! :) Your writings kinda remind me of Bruce Coville stories (trust me, thats a good thing) ^_^
9/7/2000 c1 Zamph42
He shoulda given more cake. It never would have happened if he had given them more cake. I hope the asylum has cake.

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