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for The Rose

5/27/2007 c1 wyckydgoddess
beautifully done
9/28/2005 c1 37Elidhu
I love roses mostly cause its my middle name and my nanas name I love the poem
8/4/2005 c1 7Anastata
Fvck thats a good poem
6/10/2003 c1 11flash-rules
You held it together well, even if it didn't rhyme. The starting lines were brilliant!
12/15/2002 c1 Moi
When I saw the title of this poem, I immediately thought about the song called The Rose. Obviously this is totally different. After reading your other poetry, I almost expected you to mention the rose's thorns. Guess I was wrong. Good good!
9/15/2002 c1 47Black Rose4
That is cool...I have found so many people who have written about roses like me. Keep writing!
8/26/2002 c1 2Torz
I love that one! Especially coz my middle name is Rose. I especially like yellow roses-but who gives?
8/18/2002 c1 1R. Washburn
Woo, I love roses. I guess this is kind of like what they mean to you, right? Well, it's beautiful, and I likes. ^_^
7/25/2002 c1 Lisa
*tears* beautiful! :D i love flowers, and that has so much feeling inside of it. So much meaning for such a simple thing.
7/24/2002 c1 Amber
I like the imagery-you have tremendous talent for one so young. I saw only one point in 'The Rose' that didn't really flow. Comparing to blood something you also compare to peace, happiness, and celestial bodies.
6/6/2002 c1 Yamerarenai
A really accurate description of the rose. If you close your eyes and have someone read this to you, you can really picture the rose clearly..
5/17/2002 c1 14Aquarius Nie
That's really beautiful
5/9/2002 c1 7Hermile
wow, I'm in gr 6 right now, but you write mcuh better than me! good job!
4/29/2002 c1 Kayleigh
this describes it so well, your poems are very good
4/28/2002 c1 Hi8
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