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for Light in the Dark

4/26/2002 c1 ME
[[[[[[[[[staples]]]]]]]]] Grrrr...naughty Sar. Bad! But great poem! Love you...
4/5/2002 c1 23Suzanne Star
Oh, this is sad. But beautiful. And, unfortunately for me, I have kinda had that happen to me. Met my light, loved him, and he strung me out. So now, I'm like you said here:

"Too alone

Too chilled

Too afraid

To truly live"

It's sad, but I really like it. A bit depressing, but that's ok. Work like this is the kind I like to read. Let's me know Im not alone. :)
4/4/2002 c1 megs
oh, don't be sad! let cory be your light! can we say STAPLER?

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