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for Broken Wings - poem

4/26/2003 c1 98hurtmushroom
Wie, hab ich mir deine Gedichte noch gar nicht angeschaut? *horror*

Hol ich doch gleich nach! Hab ja eh nix zu tun...

Also das hier find ich toll. Ist zwar reichlich deprimierend, aber wirklich gut geschrieben. Ich denke mal es geht um Selbstmord...sowas kann ich auch nicht verstehen! Die Welt ist viel zu sch?azu! Aber naja. Also tolles Gedicht!

cio, hoellenwauwau
4/22/2002 c1 63erisedilla
beautiful poem... I really don't know what it's about either, but for some reason this one just reaches out to me... maybe it's those words... hmmm... great job here!
4/12/2002 c1 BlueMoonDuchess
What a beautiful piece of literature. Perfect name. One word...Brilliance.
4/4/2002 c1 4Taichi Princess
Suicide? This poem just wowed me. You're a great poet! I must read some more of your works.

~*~Taichi Princess~*~

PS: Is it just me, or did this poem remind anyone else of Yamato? *Shrug* but then again, I can relate pink fuzzy bunnies to Yama...
4/2/2002 c1 Star Warrior3
Gee Kaeera, that's the same feeling that i saw in your digimon fanfics. How do ya do it?
4/1/2002 c1 71Spider
I see it.

Too clearly.

And if what I see isn't the truth,

than I'll live with the lie.

Because it's the lie that's touched my soul.

little bit o' review poetry for ya. ;)

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