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4/27/2002 c1 24Vilestar
you and your damn obsessing and i swear if these people don't leave soon i'll kill them.
4/17/2002 c1 50Kittioto
~Rubs chin thoughtfully~ ... Actually, I thought this would make a cool song. ^_^ I like it though, well done. Kind of bitter...
4/10/2002 c1 Rini
very good, nice emotions in it. I really like it to say the least.
4/6/2002 c1 56Baby Rose1
I hope that you are told the things that you want to hear and I hope it's all true. Just a few words of wisdom...life is what you make it, don't depend on fate alone. And remember you don't choose who you love, you just hope that they love you in return.

~Baby Rose~
4/3/2002 c1 1xunfaithfullx
heh... I know what this one is about. it's all good ^_^
4/3/2002 c1 41WalkingOnWater
i liked that, it's so insightful and almost reassuring in a freaky sort of way. anways, i liked it, and i'm so glad you and Kittioto really enjoy my stuff because you two are the only ones who have reviewed almost all of my stuff. It's really really great of you guys. so, anyways,i'm gonna get out of here. keep writing.
4/2/2002 c1 11waterprincess

I really liked your poem Dryad

Its probably what we girls want to hear from the guys we like

I like the rain part

Have you ever heard of the CD Bewitched9music group I mean)

I think u would really like it

I ask quesstions my self-to much my friends say

hey have u ever got anyone to answer your questions?

If u have please tell me about it.

I've been looking for someone to answer my questions all my life.

Never stop asking questions,not for peer pressure or anything.

So few people ask questions.

I like the way your poem skips around a little I mean the topics are related but I like the floew you use in your poem.

Thank you for publishing it.

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