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for compassion

2/8/2004 c1 15Gothic Renegade
First of all thanks a bunch for Reviewing Death's Choice. I like to return the favor...see what my readers are writing. heeheehee :) This sounded really cool and was written very nicely. I remembered this one time I was taking a short cut through a cemetary and saw, probably a crow..some black colored bird..probably a crow..I duno anyway it was flying around and then landed on a headstone and started pecking at it reminded me of that Brandon Lee
1/19/2004 c1 144Infinite Smiles
Short, but very thought provoking. Quite good. I prefer short poems to long ones anyway. I think that they get there point across more clearly..Less fluff surrounding the message.
2/2/2003 c1 100broken wings241
Very morbid... I like it!
5/22/2002 c1 TigerRAA
Poor people.
4/12/2002 c1 1alex4
not bad. I like the last line best.

4/12/2002 c1 jewls13
good. I think you can expand on this, but the simplicity is refreshing. seemingly random thoughts and ideas, but they are related. nice work

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