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11/21/2002 c1 11Kaiya1
Bwahahahaha! I haven't read this in ages. ^^ Did you say I was Lisa? I'm sure you said that... meanie. You killed my horse. :(

Anywayz, ja ne

12/6/2001 c1 12All Mighty Terrestrial
Have you ever read a book called "The Rainy Season?" This kind of has the same feel to it, although the two plots are really different.
2/10/2001 c1 winter's requiem
*claps* I like it! ^_^ Though, I'm insane, so I like the nonsensical pieces you write better. But this is really good, so don't mind what the person with her own personal white jacket and padded cell is saying...
1/11/2001 c1 alison
v.good-though it is one of the only ones i understand, i don't get your 'starwars' things. see ya soon...well probably tomorrow...at school!
11/30/2000 c1 7Cania Grey
I like the idea very much, but I would work more on expanding the story. Perhaps have a legend about Lisa that the girls find out about. Or maybe have the sister's portion of the story begin when their parents tell them that they're moving. It'll be a good story if you give it a little more (excuse the expression) flesh. Right now it's just bones and a little spirit. ;^)
9/29/2000 c1 1Starkiller
Hey, pretty cool, and VERY NORMAL 4 U! Yet familiar. Hey pal, have I read this before (it's Chris by the way). Smell yah later!
9/9/2000 c1 Guest
i liked it a lot. it was really good. very sad.

especially since it was me that died!

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