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8/17/2003 c10 2Razorblade Angel
:: Claps, whistles, laughs :: Oh i just LOVE IT! "What are you doing to that baby?" "Why i'm not a baby - i'm seven years old!"

i donno if u plan on writing more or what - but it's really good. and on my fav list.

~*~Desire Me~*~
7/26/2003 c10 Tibby
Hehehe... This is so funny! Will you teach me how to write standup comedy like this? I'm workin on my own routine, but its not working very well. :P (I plead writers block...) Email me if you'll help!
7/12/2002 c10 boomer-kicks-ass
OH MY GOD! That was so FUCKING HILARIOUS! I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. **everyone gets silent** But don't worry, I didn't. Anyways, I want more of this! You're sooo funny!

5/22/2002 c1 megs
its good & all but i saw that thing about the 'i wanna a small soda' on comedy central. its still good but you might wanna know theres similar material out there.
5/14/2002 c5 VinylButterfly
4/26/2002 c10 2Jassy Crooks
Haha! Yes, very funny! I've often thought the same things. (Though my mind doesn't make them sound as amusing as you do!)
4/22/2002 c10 waterwillow
I really liked all of them except the fat thing... I don't know maybe I didn't understand. Some of them were completely hilarious! Please post more of them.
4/22/2002 c10 12JUMb0 P0P
LoL! That was probably the best yet ... seriously. i loved it. To help you out, yeah - AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys went into rehab. for being an alcholholic. Oh, and if this helps you out some - Nick Carter [also a member of Backstreet Boys] got arrested 'cause he was fighting at a club and didn't leave when the police asked him to ... his response? "They're just trying to knock me down 'cause I'm famous. Yeah, that's all (maybe even add a 'dawg' in here ... hehe)". But that wraps up my dirt of the day. stay tuned for tomorrow where we talk about Britney Spears and stripping. Is there a connection? Oh yea.

4/20/2002 c9 Kelly
It's very good, really funny considering you even kept it clean. But the part about rappers:

"...they...say their name about 50 times. And they put it in at the worst time...

'I went out to a party, met up with my girls,

walked to the back room, pinned one against the wall,

cuz my name is Pimp Daddy Paul!'"

I've seen something really similar to that performed by a comedian on Comedy Central. Like the exact same thing. So that'd be the only part you might wanna change. Other than that, it's great!
4/20/2002 c9 17Socks
Ahahaha. These are so funny. Power to you, I couldn't be this funny if I tried. Ah. The disadvantages of being me. Heh.

So, yup. Yay!

-Socks Xx
4/20/2002 c9 boring pasta
this shit is funny as hell!
4/20/2002 c9 12JUMb0 P0P
These really are good ... I dunno, if the ending to "jobs" was a little funnier ... but they're still hysterical!

4/20/2002 c9 Notum
Okay, this is good stuff here
4/19/2002 c9 11Mercuria


This stuff is hilarious. I loooove it.

I'm not good at stand-up, but you've inspired me to try. Oh well, you know what they say:

"If at first you don't fricasse, fry fry a hen!"
4/18/2002 c9 PoisonTheWell.Chris
Hahahahahahahhah. My GRANDMA works at wal-mart and it's the same damn thing
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